Patented one-piece 10ga side packs push strength and durability to the max, and keep cracking and rust to the minimum.

Interlocking frame increases rigidity while reducing weight.


Integrated crane box transfers more load weight to the outriggers, reducing stress on the chassis.

Rounded corners distribute load stresses more efficiently, maximizing body life.

Internal stainless steel hinges inhibit corrosion.

Flush-mounted, deep-T door handles prevent catching or snagging.

Extra-large grab handles for safer grasping with gloved hands.

Workbench bumper with large, integrated steps maximizes safety.

Double-panel slammable tailgate for easy one-handed access.

Large, flush-mounted stop-tail-turn lights improve safety and visibility.

Small sheave fits into tighter spaces.

Crane features the rugged and dependable Ramsey Service Crane Hoist.

NexStar™ Crane Management System LCD screen clearly displays crane/load information in readable English -- no codes to memorize or look up.Multifunction, handheld remote control transmitter is 70% lighter than pistol grip handhelds. IP66 rated and CE-certified.

NexStar™ equipped cranes feature an exclusive hydraulic valve bank. Experience simultaneous 100% hydraulic flow power for every crane function plus fully-proportional control of each function.



Bright, easy-to-interpret load indicator warning lights.