Customer Significantly Reduces Downtime

Posted on: May 16th, 2016



Our customer had a challenge. It was taking them too long to fuel and lubricate their off-road equipment at their working mine in a remote part of Canada. Downtime for these large trucks is expensive and inefficient. Every minute the trucks were down they lost money. They needed to reduce the amount of time to do this very necessary maintenance function.


They contacted Curry Supply. Our off-road service vehicles have proven themselves over and over in the field. What used to be a time-consuming effort to service each vehicle, has now been reduced to less than 10 minutes each! Their employees get back to work sooner, their trucks get back working faster, and downtime has been reduced to a bare minimum. Objective met. They are very happy.

If minimizing downtime is important to you, contact Curry Supply. Whatever your industry or working conditions, we can get you the trucks you need to keep you running longer.

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