Off-Road Enclosed Fuel/Lube Trucks

Deliver your fuel and preventive maintenance lubrication anywhere you need it with Curry Supply Off-Road Fuel/Lube Trucks. Our versatile and durable Off-Road Fuel/Lube Trucks travel terrain that standard fuel trucks cannot navigate and with even more capacity.

4500 gallon fuel tank

16″ Betts man-way lid

Veder-Root M7 meter with air eliminator (or equal)

Blackmer® 2-1/2″ high volume hydraulic driven pump

Hannay® electric rewind reel with 50′ of 1-1/2″ hose

Wiggins nozzle with swivel

Hannay® electric rewind reel with 50′ of 1″ hose

OPW® nozzle with swivel

Fast-Fill 1-1/2″ bottom load in driver side fender area

Filtering system located in driver side compartment

Electric level indicator with in-cab display

Internal valve with emergency shut-off front and rear

Duetz® 4-cylinder diesel self-contained power unit to drive hydraulics

Curry compensating hydraulic drive system and manifold

Mounted driver side on platform

Enclosed switch panel in rear compartment with remote start

Hydraulic reservoir and cooler

1000 LB bulk grease tank, steel construction

Graco® hydraulic high pressure, low volume pump

Hannay® spring rewind reel with 50′ of 3/8″ hose, dispensing nozzle

Graco® hydraulic low pressure, high volume pump

Hannay® spring rewind reel with 50′ of 3/4″ hose

2″ bottom load system located at driver side fender area

Heated tank with Webasto probe

250 gallon product tank

Steel construction

Center aisle for operator accessibility and safety

Easy economical delivery to the Port of Baltimore for international shipment

Bottom load

Quick fill

Roll up doors for easier access

Fuel/Lube body, steel construction, split reel cabinet with rear access steps, underbody boxes

Diesel and product tank sizes available to meet customer requirements and chassis capacity

Custom options and product configurations available

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