Water Trucks for the Mining Industry

At Curry Supply, we hold an unmatched dedication to the mining industry. As our commitment to you, we provide a variety of water trucks to the mining industry that keep your job site running smoothly and efficiently. Our large, in-stock inventory of water trucks is strategically placed around the country so you can get what you need when you need it.

In-House Capabilities

Our in-house shipping capabilities and unrivaled, high quality water trucks eliminate the need for a middleman in the delivery process. Therefore, Curry Supply customers receive the unique benefits of a fast, efficient and safe delivery, made possible by the variety of off-road water trucks in our inventory.

A Variety of Water Trucks and Equipment

We also provide a number of options to our customers in the mining industry.  Curry Supply’s off-road water trucks are air or hydraulically operated and are built to your unique specifications. Choose from 5,000 to 18,000 gallon tanks on an articulate frame, or 8,000 to 30,000 gallon tanks on a rigid frame. A wide selection of options are available.  Curry Supply also offers scraper conversions, ship out tank kits, articulated, and rigid frame water trucks to the mining industry. All equipment, including water trucks and accessories, is customizable to fit your unique needs.

Stress-Free Service

The elite qualities of our deliveries eliminate the worry and stress from the process. As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, you can rest assured that our water trucks and your products are made with strict quality standards. Additionally, Curry Supply finances in-house, meaning we can provide the financing services that work best for each company in the mining industry. It’s that easy.

Contact Us

Curry Supply offers services to the construction, mining, rental, oil and gas, waste, and rail industries both nationally and internationally. Want to learn more about our water trucks? Click here to read more. If you’re interested in our products or services, contact us today.

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